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Heliosphere: The heliosphere is the region around the Sun where solar winds push against the stellar winds from other stars. The heliosphere surrounds all of the pieces of the Solar System, protecting us from the interstellar environments. If the heliosphere is like a balloon that surrounds us, the heliopause is the surface of that balloon.

Heliopause: The heliopause the outer boundary of the Solar System. The Sun constantly gives off solar winds. Eventually, those winds start to slow and lose strength as they get further from the Sun. The boundary or shell around the entire Solar System is located where the solar winds cannot stop the push of stellar winds from neighboring stars.

Star: Stars are large astronomical bodies of gases that are ignited by fusion reactions. Those reactions create a giant ball of plasma that gives off enormous amounts of energy. Most of the energy on planets comes from the closest star. Our star is called Sol or the Sun. The energy we get from the Sun comes in the form of visible light and many forms of electromagnetic radiation.

Moon: A moon is a large natural satellite that orbits a planet. Our moon is called the Moon. Not every planet has a moon. Mars has two very small moons while Jupiter’s Ganymede is the largest moon in the Solar System and almost three times larger than our moon.

Orbit: An orbit is a path an object takes around a central point. The planets of the Solar System orbit the Sun while the Moon orbits the Earth. Orbits are usually elliptical and not perfect circles. The planets orbit on the ecliptic plane as they move around the Sun.

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