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Saturn's Moon Titan Let's finish our tour of Saturn's moons with a stop at Titan. While it may not look like much, it is a unique moon to the Solar System. The fuzzy tennis ball is larger than both Mercury and Pluto and is the only moon that has a thick atmosphere.

This natural color image shows what Titan would look like to the human eye: a hazy orange globe surrounded by a light bluish haze. The orange color is due to the hydrocarbon particles that make up Titan's atmospheric haze. Before the Cassini spacecraft, we were not able to see the surface of the moon. Now, with radar technology, we are mapping the surface.

Titan's surface has been shown to have mountains, deltas, and rivers of liquid hydrocarbons. The Huygens lander took pictures after its arrival in 2004. We will have some images of the landing site later in the slide show.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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