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Saturn's Moon Titan - Surface We are lucky enough to have images of the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. As the Huygens lander descended through the atmosphere and landed on the surface, hundreds of images and scientific data was sent back to Earth. The top image shows a mosaic of images from the lander's descent. You can see small valleys and places where liquids have eroded the surface to form small deltas. These images were taken from an altitude of about 800 meters (2625 feet). The smallest visible objects are less than five meters (16 feet) across and the dark channels are 30 to 40 meters (98 to 131 feet) wide.

The image on the right is an image that compares the surface of Titan with the surface of the moon. After the Huygens probe reached the surface, it took a series of images and they were then scaled to correspond to images from a lunar landing. Objects near the center of the picture are roughly the size of a man's foot. Objects at the horizon are a fraction of a man's height. They yellow haze is due to the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ESA/University of Arizona

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