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Tethys - Saturn's Moons Slideshow

Saturn's Moon Tethys This is Tethys, another of Saturn's icy moons. Tethys was first seen by the Voyager spacecraft decades ago but was revisited by Cassini in 2004. This natural color view shows the battered surface of Tethys. The moon is about 1,000 kilometers across and has this pale yellow hue.

This picture is a mosaic of two smaller images. Three groups of images were taken in the red, green, and blue filters to form a natural color composite. The result reveals a world nearly covered with craters - many small craters are on top of older, larger ones. This layering of craters leads astronomers to conclude that Tethys has an ancient surface. At the top and along the boundary between day and night, the moon's terrain has a grooved appearance. Tethys is known to have a density very close to that of water, indicating it is likely composed mainly of water ice.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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